StakeHolders Feedback

StakeHolders Feedback

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1Has the MOIL Ltd. been transparent, fair and objective in its dealing with stake holders ?

2How good are MOIL Ltd.’s channels for receiving & addressing the grievances of stake holders ?

3Has MOIL Ltd. been looking into the complaints of stakeholders fairly and effectively ?

4Has MOIL Ltd. been transparent and fair while making procurement of goods & services as well as while entering into contracts ?

5How fair & objective is MOIL Ltd.’s framework of functioning and decision making indicated by manuals, instructions, guidelines & practices to stake holders ?

6Does MOIL Ltd. adhere to laid down guidelines, instructions, manuals and policy in letter and spirit ?

7Are Decision makers in MOIL Ltd. accessible to stakeholders and sensitive to difficulties of stake holders ?

8Has MOIL Ltd. been keeping its commitments to the stakeholders and protecting their interests ?

9Will you treat MOIL Ltd. as reliable and long term trusted partner ?

10Is the work culture of MOIL Ltd. transparent, corruption free, impartial and accountable ?

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