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1Construction of community hall at village Pipariya and Padmapur, Distt Balaghat under CSR(MOIL/19-20/ET/341)10/12/201910/01/202010/01/202010/01/202003:30 PMदेखे
2Purchase of Diamond Drilling Accessories(WE-73 DT.13.12.2019 (e-Tender no.MOIL/19-20/ET/350)13/12/201909/01/202009/01/202010/01/202003:30 PMदेखे
3Outsourcing of Maintenance of Underground Machinery atOutsourcing of Maintenance of Underground Machineryat 200 and 300 Levels of Gumgaon Mine for the peOutsourcing of Maintenance of Underground MachineOutsourcing of Maintenance of Under 200 and 300(MOIL/19-20/ET/291)10/12/201909/01/202009/01/202009/01/202003:30 PMदेखे
4Purchase of Titanium Anode Plates - 450 Nos.(1 Lot) for EMD Plant, Dongri Buzurg Mine(M.S) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-95(ET-348) DT.12/12/2019)12/12/201908/01/202008/01/202009/01/202003:30 PMदेखे
5Outsourcing of Operation and General Maintenance of Industrial Pumps in Underground levels at Balaghat Mine for the period of one years (12 months)(MOIL/19-20/ET/290)07/12/201906/01/202006/01/202006/01/202003:30 PMदेखे
6Purchase of Mine Ventilation Fans for various Mines - 2 Sets (2 Lots.) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-96(ET-346) DT.09/12/2019)09/12/201906/01/202006/01/202007/01/202003:30 PMदेखे
7Cleaning and sorting of ROM recovered from South off the pit plot No. 6 at Sitapatore Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/334)06/12/201906/01/202006/01/202006/01/202003:30 PMदेखे
8Transportation of ROM and Rock tubs, hoisted from underground at Gumgaon mine( MOIL/19-20/ET/331)06/12/201906/01/202006/01/202006/01/202003:30 PMदेखे
9Recovery of cleaned ore from subgrade mineral at Parsoda Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/333)06/12/201906/01/202006/01/202006/01/202003:35 PMदेखे
10Washing, picking and collection of material from waste reject crude from West side of 6 B section at Tirodi Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/335)06/12/201906/01/202006/01/202006/01/202003:30 PMदेखे
11Raking of Raw Material and Preparation of Sand beds and associated works at Ferro Manganese Plant, Balaghat Mine( MOIL/19-20/ET/308)07/12/201906/01/202006/01/202006/01/202003:30 PMदेखे
12Miscellaneous Contract Work of Leaching Section at EMD Plant, Dongri Buzurg Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/292)03/12/201903/01/202003/01/202003/01/202003:30 PMदेखे
13Miscellaneous Contract Work of Cell Bay, Neutralization and Boiler Section at EMD Plant, Dongri Buzurg Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/293)04/12/201903/01/202003/01/202003/01/202003:30 PMदेखे
14Crushing and mixing of manganese ore samples at Central Laboratory(MOIL/19-20/ET/309)03/12/201902/01/202002/01/202002/01/202003:30 PMदेखे
15Supply of Timber (As per Annexure - C Enclosed) (27 Lots) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-86(ET-345) DT.06/12/2019)06/12/201902/01/202002/01/202003/01/202003:30 PMदेखे
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