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1Obtaining Final Forest Clearance from Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change over an area of 150.586 Ha., 3.986 Ha. and 4.734 Ha. within Mining lease of Tirodi, Ukwa and Sitapatore respectively(MOIL/20-21/ET/27)02/06/202001/07/202001/07/202001/07/202003:30 PMदेखे
2Purchase of Spares for Exide Make Miners Cap Lamps(KD/Elect/TE/20-21/118, Dtd - 20.04.2020)20/04/202001/07/202001/07/202001/07/202004:30 PMदेखे
3Requirement of manpower for collection of canteen food items and serving it to mine employees at Chikla Mine(MOIL/20-21/ET/29)30/05/202029/06/202029/06/202029/06/202003:30 PMदेखे
4Exploratory core drilling in ML area of Lugma village, ThParaswada, DistBalaghat over an area of 48.974 Ha(MOIL/20-21/ET/28)27/05/202026/06/202026/06/202026/06/202003:30 PMदेखे
6Supply of Medicines 235 items(PUR/MOIL/C-10/35/WE-06/ET/59)02/06/202025/06/202025/06/202026/06/202003:30 PMदेखे
7purchase of Pneumatically Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps for Various Mines - 10 Nos. (2 Lots)(WE-13(ET-57) DT.01/06/2020)02/06/202024/06/202024/06/202025/06/202003:30 PMदेखे
8Fabrication of Steel Ore-Passes and Manways for Underground Mines i.e. Balaghat, Ukwa, Chikla, Beldongri, Munsar, Kandri and Gumgaon Mine(MOIL/20-21/ET/26)22/05/202022/06/202022/06/202022/06/202003:30 PMदेखे
9Repairing and Rewinding of 2 Nos. 1000KVA, 33KV/11KV, Outdoor type Oil Cooled Power transformers of Main Electrical Substation at Ukwa Mine(MOIL/20-21/ET/24)22/05/202022/06/202022/06/202022/06/202003:30 PMदेखे
10Construction of barricade wall around open pits Gudma Chhitalwar Kasturi Chainage 1700 to 3500 at Ukwa Mine(MOIL/20.21/ET/43)21/05/202022/06/202022/06/202022/06/202003:30 PMदेखे
11Purchase of SULPHURIC ACID with Transportation-400 MT(MOIL/20-21/ET-58 dt.01.06.2020)01/06/202022/06/202022/06/202023/06/202003:30 PMदेखे
12Purchase of Handheld XRF Machine for Head office, Nagpur(M.S) 2 Nos. (1 Lot) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-7(ET-55) DT.30/05/2020)30/05/202022/06/202022/06/202023/06/202003:30 PMदेखे
13Making of stemming material Mug Plug used for blasting at Ukwa Mine(MOIL/20-21/ET/40)19/05/202019/06/202019/06/202019/06/202003:30 PMदेखे
14Replacement of Buntons, Sollars, Platform, Ladder and Fencing of Jawahar Vertical Shaft at Chikla Mine(MOIL/20-21/ET/25)20/05/202019/06/202019/06/202019/06/202003:30 PMदेखे
15Loading of explosives from Magazine and unloading at different location of Tirodi mine(MOIL/20-21/ET/42)19/05/202019/06/202019/06/202019/06/202003:30 PMदेखे
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