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Vigilance Directory

  Name Designation Office Phone No. E-Mail
1. Shri Sharat Chandra Tiwari Chief Vigilance Officer  0712-2590646    cvo@moil.nic.in ,
2. Shri N.M.Shesh Dy.Chief Vigilance Officer    0712-2806184,
3. Shri B.S.Karpe

Sr. Vigilance Officer(Tech.Wing)

[Regional office, Balaghat Mine (M.P.)

09685529162 bskarpe@moil.nic.in
4. Shri V.K.Shrivastava

Sr.Vigilance Officer

(Investigation Wing)

0712-2806186 vkshrivastava@moil.nic.in
5. Shri U.M. Charpe Vigilance Officer (Technical Wing)
[Regional office, Chikla(M.S.)]
- -
6. Shri P.R. Sawai

Vigilance Officer

(Disciplinary Proceedings Wing)

0712-2806187 -
7. Shri.G.Rohini Kumar

Vigilance Officer

(Anticorruption Wing)

0712-2806161 grohinikumar@moil.nic.in