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Administrative Setup

The company is managed by a Board of Directors nominated by the Govt. of India and the State Governments of Maharashtra and Madhya pradesh. At present there are 11 Directors including the Chairman-cum-Managing Director, 4 Functional Directors, 2 Government nominee Directors, and 4 Independent Directors.

Important Executives

Name Designation Tel.(Office ) Tel.(Resi .) E-mail
Shri M. P.Chaudhari Chairman-cum-Managing Director
(0712)-2592070 (0712)-2591871 chaudhari@moil.nic.in
Shri T.K.Pattnaik Director (Commercial)
(0712)-2592272 (0712)-2582524 tkpattnaik@moil.nic.in
Shri D.S. Shome Director(Production & Planning)
(0712)-2589746 (0712)-2576909 d_shome @moil.nic.in
Shri Rakesh Tumane Director(Finance)
(0712)-2592072 - dirfin@moil.nic.in
Smt. Usha Singh Director(Human Resources)
(0712)-2590771 - dirhr@moil.nic.in
Shri R.S. Verma Executive Director (Production)
(0712)-2590153 (0712)-2571775 rsv @moil.nic.in
Shri P.V.V.Patnaik Executive Director(Proj & Div.) &

(0712)-2580097 (0712)-2571900 patnaik @moil.nic.in
Shri D.V.Raju Executive Director(Personnel)
(0712)-2590776 (0712)-2570697 dvraju@moil.nic.in
Shri C.B.Atulkar General Manager (Mines)
(0712)-2590774 (0712)-2571208 atulkar@moil.nic.in
Shri Neeraj Dutt Pandey Company Secretary
(0712)-2591661 (0712)-6501577 npandey @moil.nic.in