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1Dismantling, shifting and reassembling of 20 Nos of Joplin jig assembly from old site to new shed constructed along the ferro plant of balaghat Mine.(AGT/BGT/MECH/JIG/19-20/1317)18/03/202030/04/202030/04/202030/04/202004:30 PMShow
2Outsourcing the Spillage cleaning work at Production Shaft 14.5th level Loading Station and Holmes Shaft 15.5th level Loading Station at Balaghat Mine for the period one year (12 Months)(MOIL/19-20/ET/332)23/03/202023/04/202023/04/202023/04/202003:30 PMShow
3Miscellaneous Contract Works to be carried at Ferro Manganese Plant, Balaghat Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/424)27/03/202023/04/202023/04/202023/04/202003:30 PMShow
4Underground development for winze -150 Level to -250 Level at Kandri Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/413)03/03/202021/04/202021/04/202021/04/202003:30 PMShow
5Purchase of Gravel Black Gitti for underground concreting work at Ukwa Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/415)03/03/202021/04/202021/04/202021/04/202003:30 PMShow
6Picking and collection of UKL-448 25 percent from F W Old sub grade mineralised area from Ch. 8600 to Ch.12000 at Ukwa Mine( MOIL/19-20/ET/414)03/03/202021/04/202021/04/202021/04/202003:30 PMShow
7Underground development at -370 Level of Vertical Section at Chikla Mine( MOIL/19-20/ET/412)03/03/202021/04/202021/04/202021/04/202003:30 PMShow
8Providing, supplying and installation of Neutral grounding resistance and monitoring relay on 11kV/3.3kV surface transformer at Balaghat Mine.(BGT/ELECT/19-20/1029)31/03/202021/04/202021/04/202021/04/202004:30 PMShow
9Construction of personal toilets at Village Tighai Distt Nagpur under CSR(MOIL/19-20/ET/421)07/03/202020/04/202020/04/202020/04/202003:30 PMShow
10AMC for repairs and rewiring of Electrical Installations at Balaghat Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/416)04/03/202020/04/202020/04/202020/04/202003:30 PMShow
11Cleaning of sanitary pipe line drain chambers and removal of garbage from MOIL premises at Nagpur(MOIL/19-20/ET/418)07/03/202020/04/202020/04/202020/04/202003:30 PMShow
12Construction of residential quarters Type C 1 block 4 quarters and type D one block at Beldongri Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/420)07/03/202020/04/202020/04/202020/04/202003:30 PMShow
13Picking and collection of 20 percent SM Grade Ore CHL-535 from cleaning of sub grade mineral reject from ROM at Magazine Dump West Side section at Chikla Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/410)29/02/202020/04/202020/04/202020/04/202003:30 PMShow
14Outsourcing of Operation and Maintenance contract of Excavator-2 Nos, Dumpers-8 Nos, and Dozer-1 No at Dongri Buzurg Mine for the Period of Two Years.(MOIL/19-20/ET/423)11/03/202020/04/202020/04/202020/04/202003:30 PMShow
15Providing and laying 3 inch HDPE pipe line from recently drilled bore upto GSR constructed for 200 A Type residential quarters colony water supply at Kandri Mine.(MOIL/19-20/ET/417)07/03/202020/04/202020/04/202020/04/202003:30 PMShow
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