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1Construction of Rest Shelter Near Screening Plant, near Siding Region at Munsar Mine(MOIL/18-19/ET/313)16/11/201817/12/201817/12/201817/12/201803:30 PMShow
2Construction of collection tank and circulation network for sewage treatment plant at Munsar Mine(MOIL/18-19/ET/312)16/11/201817/12/201817/12/201817/12/201803:30 PMShow
3Replacement of old damage steel doors and windows with new steel doors and windows for camp quarters at UKWA mine(MOIL/18-19/ET/308)16/11/201817/12/201817/12/201817/12/201803:30 PMShow
4Renovation of Vertical Shaft by replacement of Guide Rails, Buntons, Sollars, Laaders and Fencing at Chikla Mine( MOIL/18-19/ET/303)17/11/201817/12/201817/12/201817/12/201803:30 PMShow
5Construction of foundation and extended platform for Elevated feeding hopper of Mobile Crusher at Munsar Mine(MOIL/18-19/ET/311)16/11/201817/12/201817/12/201817/12/201803:30 PMShow
6Purchase of Steel Cages for Munsar Mine - 3 Nos.(1 Lot) (Only Through e-procurement)( WE-112 DT.17/11/2018 (MOIL/18-19/ET/324))17/11/201817/12/201817/12/201818/12/201803:30 PMShow
7Painting to residential quarters at Balaghat and Ukwa Mine( MOIL/18-19/ET/314)15/11/201817/12/201817/12/201817/12/201803:30 PMShow
8Providing, Supplying, Installation and Commissioning of heavy duty centrifugal pump with drive and operating valves at Chikla Mine(MOIL/18-19/ET/306)17/11/201817/12/201817/12/201817/12/201803:30 PMShow
9Modification of Structure Fabrication work to Transformer Building for Transformer replacement at Ferro Manganese plant Balaghat Mine(MOIL/18-19/ET/309)15/11/201817/12/201817/12/201817/12/201803:30 PMShow
10Construction of Durga Stage including other amenities at Football ground at Kandri Mine(MOIL/18-19/ET/310)16/11/201817/12/201817/12/201817/12/201803:30 PMShow
11Setting up Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Site for MOILs SAP Data Centre(MOIL/18-19/ET/277)14/11/201814/12/201814/12/201814/12/201803:30 PMShow
12Erection of HT overhead line from 5th level substation to south ventilation fan and Pro, sup, inst and comm of new HT line through aerial bunch cable from 33KV substation to production shaft substation and from production substation to 6th level sur(MOIL/18-19/ET/305)15/11/201814/12/201814/12/201814/12/201803:30 PMShow
13Providing telephone communication for 2nd vertical shaft, residential quarters and other mine areas at Munsar mine(MOIL/18-19/ET/304)13/11/201812/12/201812/12/201812/12/201803:30 PMShow
14Purchase of Remote Controlled, Light Weight, Electro-Hydraulic Drill Cum Loading Equipment with CAMC for Underground Mining Application at Balaghat Mine (M.P) - 1 No.(2 Lots) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-93 DT.06/11/2018 (MOIL/18-19/ET/320))06/11/201811/12/201811/12/201812/12/201803:30 PMShow
15Purchase of Jaw Plates for Sayaji Make Jaw Crushers(WE-110 e-tender No.MOIL/18-19/ET-325, Dt.19.11.18)19/11/201811/12/201811/12/201812/12/201803:30 PMShow
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