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Sr. No.Tender TitleTender Issue Start DateTender Issue Last DateTender Submission Last DateTender Opening DateTender Opening TimeShow DetailsDownload Files
1C.I.Gate, Foot and N R Valves(PUR/MOIL/C-1/202/WE-43/ET/199)16/07/201919/08/201919/08/201920/08/201903:30 PMShow
2Secondary recovery of UKL -471 20 percent from F W dump from Ch.9000 to Ch.12000 at Ukwa Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/183)12/07/201913/08/201913/08/201913/08/201903:30 PMShow
3Extra excavation in manganiferrous rocks at stope no. Ch. 2275 to Ch. 2335 and Ch. 2455 to Ch. 2485 from -270 Level to -170 Level and hoisting of tubs from -270 Level to surface bunker through 2nd vertical shaft at Chikla Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/177)12/07/201913/08/201913/08/201913/08/201903:30 PMShow
4Trench cutting in ore stacks at Chikla Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/176)12/07/201913/08/201913/08/201913/08/201903:30 PMShow
5Purchase of Class Items for Ferro Manganese Plant for year 19-20(TE/MOIL/FMP/MECH/19-20/113)13/07/201913/08/201913/08/201913/08/201904:30 PMShow
6Replacement of Guide Rail of Vertical Shaft at Chikla Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/189)12/07/201912/08/201912/08/201912/08/201903:30 PMShow
7Pushing and unloading of tubs in underground and on surface at vertical shaft section at Ukwa Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/174)09/07/201909/08/201909/08/201909/08/201903:30 PMShow
8Recovery of SM Grade and Ferro Grade ore from North Dump at Tirodi mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/175)09/07/201909/08/201909/08/201909/08/201903:30 PMShow
9Purchase of Rubber Air Hoses(WE-41 DT.12.07.2019 (e-Tenderno.MOIL/19-20/ET/196))12/07/201908/08/201908/08/201909/08/201903:30 PMShow
10Construction of Community hall in village Gobarwahi, Dist Bhandara under CSR.(MOIL/19-20/ET/168)09/07/201908/08/201908/08/201908/08/201903:30 PMShow
11Construction of stone masonry wall at lease boundry and stone masonry retaining wall along waste dumps at Dongri Buzurg mine.(MOIL/19-20/ET/167)09/07/201908/08/201908/08/201908/08/201903:30 PMShow
12Purchase of Vehicle Batteries(WE-36 DT.11.07.2019 (e-Tenderno.MOIL/19-20/ET/194))12/07/201908/08/201908/08/201909/08/201903:30 PMShow
13Construction of Cement Concrete wall for Railway siding plateform and gantry at Dongri Buzurg Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/166)09/07/201908/08/201908/08/201908/08/201903:30 PMShow
14Construction of cement concrete road along with side drain and Construction of of conpound wall at Primary and medium Govt. school at Bagholi, Dist Balaghat Under CSR.(MOIL/19-20/ET/169)09/07/201908/08/201908/08/201908/08/201903:30 PMShow
15Butterfly Valves(PUR/MOIL/C-1/202/WE-38/ET/198)15/07/201907/08/201907/08/201908/08/201903:30 PMShow
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