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1Sinking of North and South Ventilation shafts having 5.0m. dia. and depth as 339m. and 277m. respectively and allied works at Balaghat Mine(MOIL/18-19/ET/282)11/10/201815/11/201815/11/201815/11/201803:30 PMShow
2Crushing and mixing of manganese ore samples at Central Laboratory(MOIL/18-19/ET/290)15/10/201805/11/201805/11/201805/11/201803:30 PMShow
3Rubber Tub Buffer(PUR-MOIL-C-12-13-E-48 dt 11-10-2018)11/10/201802/11/201802/11/201802/11/201803:30 PMShow
4Breaking of slag and other associated works at Ferro Manganese Plant, Balaghat Mine(MOIL/18-19/ET/269)04/10/201801/11/201801/11/201801/11/201803:30 PMShow
5Supply of Black Gitti for Underground concreting work at Chikla Mine( MOIL/18-19/ET/274)02/10/201801/11/201801/11/201801/11/201803:30 PMShow
6Inner harness with cotton chin strip and cord(PUR-MOIl-C-1-190-E-45 dt. 08.10.2018)08/10/201801/11/201801/11/201801/11/201803:30 PMShow
7Transportation of underground and surface tubs at Kandri Mine(MOIL/18-19/ET/272)02/10/201801/11/201801/11/201801/11/201803:30 PMShow
8Recovery of SM grade BGL 523 25 Persent Mn Content ore from the old subgrade mineral reject material at Balaghat Mine(MOIL/18-19/ET/273)02/10/201801/11/201801/11/201801/11/201803:30 PMShow
9White Metal R.C. Tandem(PUR-MOIl-C-1-192-E-43 Dt. 09/10/2016)09/10/201831/10/201831/10/201831/10/201803:30 PMShow
10PURCHASE OF ADOBE ACROBAT PRO (Latest Ver.)(PUR/MOIL/C-4/138/E-36/556-M DT.12.10.2018)12/10/201831/10/201831/10/201831/10/201803:30 PMShow
11Purchase of STAINLESS STEEL AISI 316 MATERIAL-14 LOTS(WE-88 e-tender No.MOIL/18-19/ET-284, Dt.04.10.18)04/10/201830/10/201830/10/201831/10/201803:30 PMShow
12Removal of waste rock in F W and H W benches and Manganiferous rock from Ch.07 to Ch.13 and handling the same by mechanized means at Tirodi Mine(MOIL/18-19/ET/276)28/09/201829/10/201829/10/201829/10/201803:30 PMShow
13Removal of waste rock and Manganiferous rock in F W benches from Ch.14 to Ch.20 and removal of waste rock in H W benches from Ch.08 to Ch.14 and handling the same by mechanized means at Dongri Buzurg Mine(MOIL/18-19/ET/275)28/09/201829/10/201829/10/201829/10/201803:30 PMShow
14PURCHASE OF SHOT FIRING CABLE(PUR/MOIL/C-3/30/E-47/670-M DT.09.10.2018)09/10/201829/10/201829/10/201829/10/201803:30 PMShow
15Purchase of Basalt fines of 4 mm size for using as a stowing material with sand in Gumgaon Mine( MOIL/18-19/ET/288)15/10/201829/10/201829/10/201829/10/201803:30 PMShow
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