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1HIGH CAPACITY CRAWLER DTH DRILL MACHINE - 2 NOS. ALONG WITH COMPREHENSIVE OPERATOR AND MAINTENANCE CONTRACT (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-12 DT.26/07/2017, eTENDER NO.MOIL/17-18/ET/140)27/07/201730/08/201730/08/201730/08/201703:30 PMShow
2Supply of good quality black gitti for underground concreting at Chikla Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/120)21/07/201723/08/201723/08/201723/08/201703:30 PMShow
3Purchasing of Materials for Treatment of Water at Filtration Plant at Balaghat Mine(Civil/BGT/T.E./17-18/2840)25/07/201723/08/201723/08/201723/08/201704:30 PMShow
4Picking and collection of SM Grade Mn ore MSL-521 MSL-447 MSL-522 MSL-498 from dump at Munsar Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/119)21/07/201723/08/201723/08/201723/08/201703:30 PMShow
5REDUCTION OF MANGANESE ORE FOR E.M.D. PLANT DONGRI BUZURG MINE(MOIL/17-18/ET/121)21/07/201723/08/201723/08/201723/08/201703:30 PMShow
6Removal of waste rock and magniferous rock and handling the same by mechanized means at New Satak section of Beldongri Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/116)21/07/201723/08/201723/08/201723/08/201703:30 PMShow
7Picking and collection of material from Sidha Baba Mandir dump at Tirodi Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/118)21/07/201723/08/201723/08/201723/08/201703:30 PMShow
8Providing and Fixing Fencing With barbet wire to the Plantation area at Balaghat Mine(Civil/BGT/T.E./17-18/2851)25/07/201723/08/201723/08/201723/08/201704:30 PMShow
9Picking and collection of material from contaminated low grade ROM near Jhiriya Dump site at Dongri Buzurg Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/117)21/07/201723/08/201723/08/201723/08/201703:30 PMShow
10Underground Development at 12th Level (North Section) at Balaghat Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/115)21/07/201723/08/201723/08/201723/08/201703:30 PMShow
11Construction of Boundary wall for administrative building premises and along the approach at Sitapatore Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/ 93)22/07/201721/08/201721/08/201721/08/201703:30 PMShow
12Construction of Cement Concrete Road at Village Banpuri DIstt Nagur ,Gudri, Kurmuda,and Other two villages Distt Bhandara Under CSR(MOIL/17-18/ET/110)17/07/201718/08/201718/08/201718/08/201703:30 PMShow
13Drilling of Borewells and Installation of Hand pumps at different villages of District Balaghat in (M.P) and District Bhandara and Nagpur in Maharashtra Under CSR(MOIL/17-18/ET/ 108)17/07/201718/08/201718/08/201718/08/201703:30 PMShow
14Construction of Cement Concrete Road at Village Jagpur, Chargaon and Ratta District Balaghat under CSR(MOIL/17-18/ET/107)17/07/201718/08/201718/08/201718/08/201703:30 PMShow
15Supply of Garbage Collection Trolly and Supply and Installation of Tree Guards along with Plantation in 26 Villages Under CSR.(MOIL/17-18/ET/109)17/07/201718/08/201718/08/201718/08/201703:30 PMShow
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