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Sr. No.Tender TitleTender Issue Start DateTender Issue Last DateTender Submission Last DateTender Opening DateTender Opening TimeShow DetailsDownload Files
1Safety Goggles(PUR-MOIL-C-1-190-ET-429 dt. 16/01/2018)17/01/201823/02/201823/02/201823/02/201803:30 PMShow
2Construction of Decentralized Sewage Treatment Plant MOIL Ukwa Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/312)11/01/201823/02/201823/02/201823/02/201803:30 PMShow
3Procurement of flexible trailling cable 5C x 25 sq.mm 1.1 kV grade copper conductor(ELECT/MUN/ADGM/17-18/3946)17/01/201820/02/201820/02/201820/02/201803:30 PMShow
4Construction of Brick Wall below beam of lease boundary of NH7 in order to ensure security at Kandri Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/ 300)11/01/201820/02/201820/02/201820/02/201803:30 PMShow
5Providing and Laying Hume Pipe line along Railway siding at Kandri Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/ 268)11/01/201820/02/201820/02/201820/02/201803:30 PMShow
6Construction of Sand Stowing Plant with RCC Water Tank ESR at Kandri Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/ 302)11/01/201820/02/201820/02/201820/02/201803:30 PMShow
7Purchase of Granby Car, Capacity - 4 MT for Balaghat Mine - 15 Nos. (Lot No.1)(WE-213 DT.17/01/201, eTENDER NO.MOIL/17-18/ET/417)17/01/201819/02/201819/02/201819/02/201803:30 PMShow
8Tub Couplings and Chains(PUR-MOIL-C-12-6-WE-216 Dt. 15/01/2018)15/01/201819/02/201819/02/201819/02/201803:30 PMShow
9Purchase of Titanium Anode Plate - 320 Nos. for EMD Plant Dongri Buzurg Mine (Lot No.1)(WE-212 DT.17/01/2018, eTENDER NO.MOIL/17-18/ET/431)17/01/201819/02/201819/02/201819/02/201803:30 PMShow
10Construction of Bion toilets for Gents 5 nos and ladies 3 nos at various places of Munsar Mine( CIVIL/17-18/ET/304)11/01/201816/02/201816/02/201816/02/201803:30 PMShow
11In House Maintenance of Rest House at Gumgaon Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/285)11/01/201816/02/201816/02/201816/02/201803:30 PMShow
12Providing and laying PU (Polyurethane) concrete flooring for workshop at Gumgaon Mine( MOIL/17-18/ET/272)11/01/201816/02/201816/02/201816/02/201803:30 PMShow
13Construction of Sewage Treatment Plant at Tirodi Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/270)11/01/201816/02/201816/02/201816/02/201803:30 PMShow
14Drilling of 3 nos bore holes for drinking water at Munsar Mine(CIVIL/17-18/ET/303)11/01/201816/02/201816/02/201816/02/201803:30 PMShow
15Construction of drinkng water pumps room 4 nos different locations of Munsar Mine(CIVIL/17-18/ET/305)11/01/201816/02/201816/02/201816/02/201803:30 PMShow
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