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1Outsourcing of Electrically Operated Skid Mounted Crushing and Screening Plant Operation at Munsar Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/279)29/01/202028/02/202028/02/202028/02/202003:30 PMShow
2Construction of structural and RCC foundation for leaching unit in EMD plant of Dongri Buzurg Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/385)23/01/202024/02/202024/02/202024/02/202003:30 PMShow
3Providing main and check meters with metering equipment at 15.2 MW and 4.8 MW Wind Energy Farms, Ratedi and Nagda Hills, Dewas(MP) respectively(MOIL/19-20/ET/382)24/01/202024/02/202024/02/202024/02/202003:30 PMShow
4Outsourcing of Industrial Pumping Operation at Underground levels and Opencast at Kandri Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/381)25/01/202024/02/202024/02/202024/02/202003:30 PMShow
5Providing and fixing of UPVC HIGH PRESSURE THEADED pipes 8 inch (200mm) diameter of 270 MTR for sand stowing plant at Balagaht Mine.(MOIL/19-20/ET/383)23/01/202024/02/202024/02/202024/02/202003:30 PMShow
6Construction of boundary wall in precast, prestressed column and panels along lease boundry in Balapur and Syndicate camp and siding area and providing fixing concertina coil fencing in three layers at Dongri Buzurg Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/386)23/01/202024/02/202024/02/202024/02/202003:30 PMShow
7Exploratory core drilling on PL areas of Chikla and Satak village over an area of 99.36Ha and 46.90Ha (MOIL/19-20/ET/357)20/01/202020/02/202020/02/202020/02/20203:30 PMShow
8Maintenance of gardens at Balaghat mine. (MOIL/19-20/ET/366)18/01/202017/02/202017/02/202017/02/20203:30 PMShow
9Maintenance, Distribution and Collection of Cap Lamps at Gumgaon Mine through Outsourcing for the Period of One year(MOIL/19-20/ET/380)17/01/202017/02/202017/02/202017/02/202003:30 PMShow
10Removal of spillage from the bottom of production shaft and inset of 15th Level at Balaghat Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/387)17/01/202017/02/202017/02/202017/02/202003:30 PMShow
11Muffling for blasting at 6A 6B and 6C section of North Tirodi Mine(MOIL/19-20/ET/379)17/01/202017/02/202017/02/202017/02/202003:30 PMShow
12Construction of new water supply scheme at Ukwa Mine. (MOIL/19-20/ET/367)18/01/202017/02/202017/02/202017/02/20203:30 PMShow
13Laying of 6 inch and 2 inch GI Pipe line from GSR tank near rest house to old north section sand plant for sand stowing operation at Balaghat Mine(AGT/BGT/MECH/PIPE/19-20/1086)23/01/202012/02/202012/02/202012/02/202004:30 PMShow
14Replacement of Buntons, Manway platforms and ladders of second outlet shaft at Balaghat Mine.(AGT/BGT/MECH/19-20/1087)23/01/202012/02/202012/02/202012/02/202004:30 PMShow
15Purchase of G.I. Core Boxes(WE-118 DT.27.01.2020 e-Tender no.MOIL/19-20/ET/390)27/01/202010/02/202010/02/202011/02/202003:30 PMShow
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