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Sr. No.Tender TitleTender Issue Start DateTender Issue Last DateTender Submission Last DateTender Opening DateTender Opening TimeShow DetailsDownload Files
1Expression of Interest (EoI) for Setting up X- Ray based sorting system(PUR-MOIL-X RAY OCS/ET-85)01/07/202017/08/202017/08/202018/08/202003:30 PMShow
2Purchase of PEARL COKE with Transportation - 6900 MT(MOIL/20-21/ET-87 dt.06.07.2020)06/07/202005/08/202005/08/202006/08/202003:30 PMShow
3Replacement of 6mm thick liner plates at 14.5th Level loading station of Production shaft at Balaghat Mine(AGT/BGT/MECH/WINDER/20-21/374)13/07/202004/08/202004/08/202004/08/202004:30 PMShow
4Purchase of Steel Cages - 5 Nos.(2 LOTS.) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-25(ET-88) DT.10/07/2020)10/07/202003/08/202003/08/202004/08/202003:30 PMShow
5Maintenance repair of HT/LT overhead lines for the three months at Balaghat Mine(BGT/ELECT/20-21/376)14/07/202031/07/202031/07/202031/07/202004:30 PMShow
6Replacement of liner plates of the transfer chute, bunker and repair of transfer chute/bunker at various location at IMB plant of Balaghat Mine(AGENT/BGT/MECH/IMBP/20-21/ 371)11/07/202028/07/202028/07/202028/07/202004:30 PMShow
7Providing and fixing heat guard (Cool roof) for work shop building of Munsar Mine.(MOIL/20-21/ET/51)15/06/202027/07/202027/07/202027/07/202003:30 PMShow
8Maintenance and Operation of Sewage Treatment Plant at Munsar Mine.(MOIL/20-21/ET/50)15/06/202027/07/202027/07/202027/07/202003:30 PMShow
9Operation of pumps for drinking water supply at Wahitola, Kaichi and Chargaon camp at Munsar Mine(MOIL/20-21/ET/48)15/06/202027/07/202027/07/202027/07/202003:30 PMShow
10Construction of New Administrative building including compound wall and vehical parking shed at Kandri Mine(MOIL/20-21/ET/53)15/06/202027/07/202027/07/202027/07/202003:30 PMShow
11Construction of Security watch tower (2 nos) for surveillance and strengtheing of internal security at Kandri Mine(MOIL/20-21/ET/52)15/06/202027/07/202027/07/202027/07/202003:30 PMShow
12Purchase of Flexible Trailing Copper Conductor Cable( WE-21 DT.01.07.2020 (e-Tender no.MOIL/20-21/ET/86)01/07/202027/07/202027/07/202028/07/202003:30 PMShow
13Maintenance and Operation of Solid waste Management plant at Munsar Mine.( MOIL/20-21/ET/49)15/06/202027/07/202027/07/202027/07/202003:30 PMShow
14Terrace water proofing to RCC slab of old B type quarters 05 blocks at Chikla Mine(MOIL/20-21/ET/47)15/06/202027/07/202027/07/202027/07/202003:30 PMShow
15Repairing of Bucket assembly 5.6 Cu M -- 4 Nos of TATAHitachi 1200-3 Hydraulic Excavator of DB Mine.(DB/MECH/20-21/JGM(MECH)/321)14/07/202021/07/202021/07/202021/07/202004:30 PMShow
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