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1Transportation of Coal to Fe. Mn. Plant, Balaghat Mine- 2,600 MT(WE-82 e -Tender No. MOIL/19-20/ET-322 Dt.18.11.19)18/11/201910/12/201910/12/201911/12/201903:30 PMShow
2Purchase of HT VCB Panels for Various Mines - 8 Lots. (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-85(ET-321) DT.16/11/2019)16/11/201909/12/201909/12/201910/12/201903:30 PMShow
3Work for outsourcing meter reading, preparation of deduction list and processing of local tenders of Electrical Dept of Balaghat Mine(BGT/ELECT/19-20/807)19/11/201909/12/201909/12/201909/12/201904:30 PMShow
4Outsourcing of Operation and Maintenance of Crushing and Screening Plant at Gumgaon Mine for the period of 24 Months (Two Years) (MOIL/19-20/ET/281)05/11/201905/12/201905/12/201905/12/20193:30 PMShow
5Outsourcing of Industrial Pumping Operation and Maintenance in Underground Vertical Shaft at Munsar Mine for the period of One year (12 Months) (MOIL/19-20/ET/280)02/11/201905/12/201905/12/201905/12/20193:30 PMShow
6Outsourcing of Industrial Pumping Operation in Underground Mine at Gumgaon Mine for period of 12(Twelve) Months(MOIL/19-20/ET/278)25/10/201904/12/201904/12/201904/12/201903:30 PMShow
7Maintenence, distribution and collection of caplamps at Balaghat Mine(BGT/ELECT/19-20/3694)13/11/201903/12/201903/12/201903/12/201904:30 PMShow
8Dismantling of old sheave wheel and installation, Commissioning of new sheave wheel 2800 mm diameter 1 no at Kandri Mine(A-III/KAN/19-20/2672)13/11/201903/12/201903/12/201904/12/201904:30 PMShow
9Repairing of Hydraulic Control Valve of Dozer BD155 No 2 operating at Dongri Buzurg Mine(DB/MECH/19-20/JGM(MECH)/562)18/11/201903/12/201903/12/201903/12/201904:30 PMShow
10Repairing of Bucket Assembly 5.6 CU M 4 Nos. of TATA Hitachi 1200 No 3 Hydraulic Excavator operating at Dongri Buzurg Mine(DB/MECH/19-20/JGM(MECH)/561)18/11/201903/12/201903/12/201903/12/201904:30 PMShow
11Picking and collection of low grade Ore DBL-563 from ROM processed through mobile crushing and screening plant at East Side Part-6 of Dongri Buzurg Mine (MOIL/19-20/ET/289)01/11/201902/12/201902/12/201902/12/20193:30 PMShow
12Trench cutting in ore stacks at Tirodi Mine (MOIL/19-20/ET/294)01/11/201902/12/201902/12/201902/12/20193:30 PMShow
13Trench cutting in ore stacks at Beldongri Mine (MOIL/19-20/ET/288)01/11/201902/12/201902/12/201902/12/20193:30 PMShow
14Drilling of Bore holes 100 mm dia from 13.5 level to 15 level in underground at Balaghat Mine(AGENT/BGT/19-20/778)09/11/201929/11/201929/11/201929/11/201904:30 PMShow
15Purchase of Cross Bit, 57mm dia suitable for ATLAS COPCO Make Cable Bolting Machine. (WE-68 e -Tender No. MOIL/19-20/ET-302 Dt.01.11.19)01/11/201926/11/201926/11/201927/11/20193:30 PMShow
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