Q.1 What is the chemical symbol for Manganese?

Q.2 How Manganese occurs on the earth crust?

Q.3 What are the common Manganese minerals?

Q.4 What is the density of Manganese?

Q.5 Which Company is the largest producer of Manganese ore in the world and in India?

Q.6 Who discovered Manganese?

Q.7 What is the use of Manganese in Steel?

Q.8 With which material Drink cans are made?

Q.9 What are the other uses of Manganese in addition to steel making?

Q.10 Which country is having highest resources of Manganese ore.

Q.11 What is the Manganese content of human body?

Q.12 What are the important sources of Mn in to human body?

Q.13 In which form Manganese is added to the steel?

Q.14 How much Manganese Alloy is added per ton of steel?

Q.15 In which form Manganese is used in the battery?

Q.16 Which country is the largest importer of Manganese ore?

Q.17 What are EMD and EMM stands for?