About Vigilance

About Vigilance

About Vigilance in MOIL:-

MOIL ;formerly Manganese Ore (India) Ltd.) is a schedule "A' Miniratna CPSE , involved in production and sale of Manganese Ore and Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide ( EMD) . Company has mines in MP and Maharshatra states.

Along with MOIL's vision to sustain market leadership in Indian Manganese industry and be a globally diversified enterprise, through strategic alliances and technological up-gradation , It is equally dedicated and committed to "imbibe highest standards of business ethics and values".

Vigilance administration in MOIL is headed by Shri Pradeep Kamle, IRSME, Chief Vigilance Officer( CVO) . He has taken charge on 04.09.2021. Vigilance functions in the Mines/plants of MOIL are monitored by Vigilance officers of different wings.

The Vigilance department works for improvement in different systems, rules and procedures for the smooth functioning of the organization towards achievement of its goals with transparent public sector unit practices.

MOIL recognizes the importance of Values and Ethics in Corporate Governance and understands that Vigilance is essentially a Management function to achieve optimum results.

Vigilance set up in MOIL continuously strives to improve the system for more transparency, timely resolution and fair practices by leveraging technology so that bottlenecks are removed and delays in processes reduce. MOIL vigilance conducts various activities to ensure that scope of corruption is reduced and a culture of probity, honesty ,integrity and transparency is developed.

Quality Policy for Vigilance department

"To establish, maintain and continuously improve a comprehensive Quality Management System to minimize the chances for foul play & corruption through effective and timely interventions, corrective measures and continual system improvement and to support and facilitate an impartial, transparent & friendly environment for enabling people in the organization to give their best with integrity, efficiency, dedication and fearlessness to achieve high moral standards resulting the progress and growth of organization and human resources."


Shri Pradeep Kamle, IRSME

Chief Vigilance Officer
MOIL Limited,
Moil Bhawan,1-A, Katol Road
Telephone no: 0712-2590646
E-mail id :  cvo[at]moil[dot]nic[dot]in 

Last Modified on : 14-07-2023